Thank you for your interest in helping fara raise money to fund groundbreaking research, which will lead to improved treatments and a cure for FA.

Community fundraising is an essential part of fara's fundraising efforts. It not only brings family, friends and communities together, but is a vital component of our overall income. Last financial year, our hardworking fundraisers raised over $200,000. This extra money has allowed us to allocate more money to FA research projects than any previous year.

Get involved in LEND US SOME MUSCLE

We host a number of events each year, such as the Lend Us Some Muscle Challenge. In May participants from all across the country challenge themselves, their friends and their family to something physical and fun. It’s super easy to register, then we’ll send you out some transfer Tatts to stick on your flexing muscles to show your support throughout your challenge.

We encourage as many people as possible to undertake their own community fundraising projects throughout the year to boost our research budget. Community fundraising can be fun as well as rewarding. With a little planning, lots of energy and a great team, you can make a big different to people living with FA.

There are many different ways to fundraise. If you have an idea or would like to discuss how you could be involved, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator Sherelle

To support some of our current fundraisers and get some great ideas, click here.

If your idea is ready to go, you can set up your own personal or team fundraising page here

Once your page is set up we will be in touch with you to complete your registration and provide you with some tips and tools to ensure your event is a success..




Get your friends together and host a swap party to raise money for fara.

+Find out how

  • Invite a group of friends with similar taste

  • Invite each of them to bring 2-6 items each (clothing or accessories), clean, on hangers and in good quality

  • Charge $25 to cover the cost of drinks and canapés

  • Arrange clothes on racks so that your guests can ‘shop’

  • All money raised by selling the clothes and accessories will be donated to fara to fund research

  • PLUS consider inviting a local retailer to model some of their latest fashion and auction it off with a percentage of the money going to fara


Get a group of trivia buffs together for a fun and entertaining night and help raise money for fara.

+Find out how

  • Book a local community hall or function room (eg local pub, council hall, surf club etc)

  • Invite as many family and friends as the space will allow – the more the merrier or nominate table captains and ask them each to fill a table of their friends/family

  • Charge an entry fee (eg $25) and perhaps provide some nibbles on the table or a welcome drink. Booking websites such as and Eventbrite are an easy way for people to purchase tickets

  • Organise a quiz master/MC

  • Prepare a few rounds of trivia questions, you can go with a particular theme for each round such as sport, or mix it up with music, general knowledge, movies, science, etc

  • Ask local shops, businesses and contacts to donate prizes, vouchers, experiences etc. These can be used as door prizes or game prizes throughout the night. Another great way to maximise money raised is to include a silent auction or raffle with donated prizes

  • Play some extra games to raise more money, such as head and tails, coin toss. Guests donate money to enter or stay in the game.

  • All money raised from the entry fee, games and silent auction is donated to fara to help fund further research.


If you know a few golfers, then organise a golf day. It’s a fun way to enjoy a round of golf while raising money for fara.

+Find out how

  • Contact your local golf club and see what packages they offer for a charity golf day. Better still, if you know someone who is a member of a golf club, see if they can assist

  • Set a fee per team to ensure you cover the cost of the golf games and also make some money. Your entry fee may include a lunch/dinner after the golf

  • Send out invitations and book your game via a booking website such as and Eventbrite

  • Ask local businesses to sponsor a hole

  • Run competitions such as the longest drive and nearest to the hole – ask golfers to pay to enter with prizes for the winner

  • Encourage players to purchase “Mulligans” – free shots that allow players to have another shot if they play a bad one

  • Ask local shops, businesses and contacts to donate prizes, vouchers, experiences etc. These can be used as door prizes or game prizes throughout the day/night. Another great way to maximise money raised is to include a silent auction or raffle with donated prizes.


Movie nights are a great way to get a group of friends together to see a latest release movie whilst helping raise money for fara.

+Find out how

  • Contact your local cinema and see what they offer for charity movie nights. You may have the option to hire out a whole movie theatre for a certain price or buy a group of tickets within a larger movie theatre

  • Choose a movie that will be popular with your friends and family – a good movie is essential! The cinema can help with this

  • Set your ticket price to ensure you make money on top of what the cinema is charging. If you include a snack or drink with the ticket, you can charge extra

  • Invite friends and family to purchase tickets via a booking website such as and Eventbrite

  • Ask a couple of local businesses to donate prizes for a raffle or door prize on the night

  • Sit back and enjoy the movie!


If you're about to embark on a fun run, marathon, swim, walk, bike ride or any other activity, why not do it in aid of FA. Or chellenge yourself to give one a go.

+Find out how

  • Plan your challenge

  • Set up a personal or team grassrootz fundraising page

  • Ask family and friends to support your efforts by donating

  • Once your challenge is completed your funds will be transferred to our account and those who donated over $2 through the website will receive a tax receipt


We've given you a few examples of popular community fundraisers. If you have any other great ideas on ways to raise money for fara we'd love to hear from you.

Please contact our Fundraising Coordinator Sherelle or set up your own fundraising page here

We can then provide you with some tips, tools and templates to help you get organised and get the most out of your fundraising event.