The power of social media (and why being an ambassador is the best!)

We often hear negative stories about social media. How it is an addiction, how it can affect mental health, how it makes bullying so easy, etc.

Well I’m about to share a positive story with you. A beautiful, feel good story. A story that keeps making me cry happy tears.

I am a fara Ambassador so I have made it my goal to get to know as many people with FA and their families. This may be via social media or personally. I want people to know that I am here for them, as an emotional support, or whatever it is they need. I am by no means an expert, but I have FA and have been living with it for 18 years so I’ve experienced lots of highs and lows.

I have become friends with an awesome guy who also happens to have FA. His name is Karl. We’ve met at a few events and even if we didn’t have FA, I think we’d still be mates. Karl happens to be a mechanical engineer at Porsche, Melbourne. I went to Porsche one day to have a coffee with Karl and we got our photo taken in front of one of the Porsche racing cars (which has Cure FA stickers on it). Porsche Melbourne is a huge supporter of fara Australia.

I posted this photo on Facebook. 

That night, a lovely lady I know via Facebook, Kellie, sent me a message, asking what the connection was to Porsche. Kellie’s son Ben has FA too. She told me that he loves motorsport and that one of his dreams is to be a race car driver.

I texted Karl and told him this, not really thinking much of it. Maybe him and Karl could have a chat … motivate and inspire each other.

Karl had bigger ideas. He managed to connect with Kellie and invited her, Ben and Ben’s brother to Melbourne to have a tour of Porsche, meet some pro race car drivers and have a hot lap in a Porsche racing car at the Phillip Island GP circuit. There was one big problem, Ben and his family live in WA. That’s a four hour flight from Melbourne!

Not to worry. Kellie’s best friend set up a Go Fund Me page (on Facebook) and enough money was raised to fly Kellie and the boys over and pay for accommodation.

The big day is happening on Friday.

The power of social media, hey? And being a fara Ambassador. This story makes my heart happy.

Stay tuned for photos of the big day

Leah Alstin
fara Ambassador